VentureCafé - the place to meet

VentureCafé - the place to meet

♧ The place to meet other driven students and to make new connections ♧
♥︎ Where new ideas are born, teams get completed and experiences are exchanged ♥︎
Do you have an idea and are now looking for people with other skills to complete your team?
Do you wish that you had an idea, but still haven’t found the one?
Or do you just want to have free fika with inspiring people?

Come to Venture Café! This is the place to meet people with ideas that are looking for your competences and for people with ideas that need someone to share their journey with. Maybe this is the start of your future career? Hang out, grab something from the fika buffet (our treat), be inspired and let the mingle begin!

Learn how to make the perfect pitch for business angels and do it in front of a huge audience at the Dragons at the University Grand finale!

All students from Lund University are welcome when we start the learning process at the workshop on the 17th of March where we’ll use the NABC model to help you improve your presentation. There will be opportunities to perfect your pitch at Pitchers Corner at Ideon Agora leading to a semifinal on the 28th of March where 6 teams be selected for the finale at the 6th of April at the University House.

Come to the Venture Café where Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship will give you all the details and tell you about the NABC model.

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This event is collaboration between VentureLab, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Venture Cup, Malmö Startups, Ideon Agora and Innovation Skåne. The purpose of the event is to create a meeting place for driven students with different interests and fields of knowledge, something that we think is missing – and needed – at Lund University.

Organizer VentureLab

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